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Detailed audition dates for future pays will be posted below, on our Auditions Calendar or GET ON OUR MAILING LIST

  • MACBETH  (showing April 6-10)  Open to teens ages 13-19 who want to explore a serious dramatic show.
  • MIDLIFE – The Crisis Musical (showing May 5-15)  Calls for 3 women and 3 men who are struggling as they reach middle age and realize they don’t really know the people they are married to.
  • SHREK  (June 15-26)  Lots and lots of fairy tale character parts for teens through adults; singing and dancing and lots of laughter.
  • THE ANDREWS BROTHERS  (showing August 10-21)  A USO show for troops is on the brink of collapse when the famous singing sisters trio doesn’t show; three young servicemen and one woman save the show, performing 25 songs by the Andrews sisters.  Calls for 3 men, 1 woman, ages 20-30.
  • GUYS ON ICE – Dinner Theatre  (showing November 3-13)  Join Marvin, Lloyd and Ernie the Moocher in the ice shack as they lament “dead end jobs, rocky relationships, and fading dreams of glory”.  The show was created by Fred Alley, James Kaplan and Frederick Heide.  Calls for 3 men who are not afraid to sing solo!



NSTC begins its 2016 season on January 5th and 7th with open auditions (6-9pm) for would-be thespians, ages 13 and up.  NSTC wants theater to be more fun than frightening, so it has created a new approach to auditions that embraces creativity, imagination and much laughter.  Styled after some of the skits on the TV comedy “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” auditioners will be invited to join in “games” that involve 2-4 people and a situation or prompt.  For instance, in “Alphabet”, participants act out a scene with each sentence starting with successive letters of the alphabet.  In “Fashion Model”, several participants walk the runway while 2 other participants comment on their pretend fashion show outfits.  In “Hats” each participant selects a hat and then advertises him/herself as a character for a dating website.  Explore your theater talents with us or just come and let others provide the entertainment!  Participants will have the opportunity to sign up for an individual call-back for a specific part in a show.



NSTC continues its tradition of presenting a “KidsOnStage” show for youth in grades three through eight.  The 2016 show is “Schoolhouse Rock Live, Jr.” which will be presented on February 19, 20, 21, 26, 27 and 28.  Auditions for the show will be held on Saturday, December 19 from 10 am to 1 pm.  Youth do not have to prepare anything, but a parent should attend auditions with the child.
During the summer, NSTC will offer theater-in–the-park camps: one for youth entering grades four through eight and one for children entering grades one through three.  Each group will prepare a melodrama that will be presented in the city park under the band shell.    Brochures will be available in March with more details about theater-in-the-park.

Please direct questions about KidsOnStage options to Amy Myers at northernstartheatreco@yahoo.com or the NSTC FaceBook Page