NOV-Dinner Theatre
NOV-Dinner Theatre

GUYS on ICE  “Ice Fishing Musical”


Guys On Ice - Northern Star Theatre CompanyPresented as a Dinner Theatre – In Partnership with Dairy State Bank

November 3-6 & 10-13

SHOWTIMES:  Doors Open 5:30 • DINNER 6pm  •  SHOW 7pm
 Sundays: Doors Open 12:30 • MEAL 1pm  • SHOW 2pm

TICKETS $25 – includes meal

Book & Lyrics by Fred Alley; Music by James Kaplan

You’ve seen them. Little wooden shanties sitting on lake ice. Puffs of smoke rising from chimney pipes. On a quiet day, maybe the static of a tinny radio filters through plywood walls, across the frozen tundra, back to shore. In a cold world, on a cold day, on a frozen lake, these little signs of life are all most people know of a secret culture that thrives right here amongst us. Well, wonder no more. Once

Northern Star Theatre Company in Rice Lake, WI

GUYS ON ICE CAST: Earl Leach (Lloyd), Mark Berger (Ernie the Moocher) and David Forcey (Marvin)

again, AFT sets its sights close to home as we bring you our somewhat twisted take on the secret world of ice fisherman. Guys on Ice spends a day in the life of Marvin and Lloyd — fishing buddies and home-grown philosophers. With musical numbers like, “The Wishing Hole,” “Ode to a Snowmobile Suit,” “Fish is the Miracle Food” and “The One That Got Away,” Guys on Ice works not only as a serious anthropological study but as a musical comedy as well.